Otilia Brailoiu CAMPAIGN 2016

“ I’m beautiful because I’m loved ! ”       

For the 2016 Brides Collection we’ve highlighted a “woman-child” attitude, happy but childish in the same time, cute and seductive in an innocent way. The dresses are colored and the brides pampered. Our brides are particular firstly through the genuineness and nonchalantly that they wear their happiness. Then is when they are truly beautiful. 

It’s a collection where transparencies are not shy at all, the lace is never enough, tulle and silk waves are infinite in a way that gives freedom in naturally expressing the beauty of human body.

So, here’s our  2016 CAMPAIGN 

Meet the joyful PATRISIA






The charming ADELLE


Breakfast with TIFFANY


Exquisite AMBER


ANABELLE so sweet and shy…


Nice to meet you ANNA


New Collection 2016 is Launched

After an inspiring and hard working year in which we took only the bright side of everything that happened we launched a New Collection that is all about Feelings.

Feeling the moment. LOVE. Happiness. Beauty. Excitement. Peace. Restlesness. Emotion. Fear. Calm. Freedom. Courage. Passion. Security. Vulnerability and every feeling that is hidden in your heart.

We wanted our dresses to enlight how special any bride is and to make them feel incredible.

The Collection was launched this January at the biggest Bridal Fashion Show in Bucharest, Expomariage at Marriott Grand Hotel.

Hope you enjoy the New Collection 2016 and can’t wait for your opinions!

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